Creda CRC65 Ventilation Hood User Manual

Installing your Cooker Hood
Lower Fixings
1. Draw a vertical line on the wall,from the
centre of the cooking appliance,up to the
ceiling. Check the line is vertical using a
spirit level.
2. Put the template provided on the wall and
drill two ø12mm holes (Fig.1 2)
3. Fit two hooks in the drilled holes (Fig.1 3).
Upper Fixing Bracket
1. Draw a horizontal line through the vertical
line,15mm from the ceiling. Check the line
is level using a spirit level.
2. Place the chimney support bracket
(Fig.1 10) over the line,ensuring the
bracket is level. Mark the positions for the
fixing screws.
3. Drill the two holes for the wall bracket,
insert the wall plugs and fit the bracket
using the screws provided.
1. Remove the metal filters (Fig.1 4).
2. Hang the hood canopy on the hooks
(Fig.1 3). Adjust the position of the hood
using the two screws at the bottom of the
hooks (Fig.1 5).
3. Whilst the hood is positioned,mark the
two holes (Fig.1 6).
4. Remove the hood and drill the two holes.
Insert the wall plugs (Fig.1 7). Return the
hood to the hooks and fix with the two
Before fitting the chimney to the canopy,
make the electrical connection as described in
the section ‘Electrical Requirements’(page 2).
Once the electrical connection has been
established,test the worktop illumination and
the three speed fan.