Cuisinart TCS-60 Convection Oven User Manual

Refer to Steaming Guide or Recipes for recommended
cooking times.
Preparing to Cook:
Position the base unit where you want to do your cooking. Choose a flat,
dry, sturdy surface. Make sure that each individual component fits secure-
ly on top of the part below. Position the large steaming tray on the base
until it fits securely in place. If you are using the second steaming tray,
place the smaller tray inside the larger one. The smaller tray will nest on
top of the larger one, and the handles will be aligned. The steamer should
not be positioned under wall cabinets when operating. Steam may
damage cabinets.
Note: The larger tray must always be put on the base first, and the
smaller tray must always sit inside the larger one. It is not possible to
use the small tray alone. Never attempt to put the small tray directly onto
the base.
Fill water reservoir to desired level with cold tap water. Replace lid. Place
the water reservoir on the reservoir holder in the rear of the steamer unit.
Place lid on top of steaming tray. Insert turbo convection fan onto top of
lid. Make sure the prongs are properly fitted into the slots. Push down
with light pressure to engage. If the prongs are not inserted correctly,
the unit will not operate. Plug the cord into the power outlet.
Using the Rice Bowl:
The large steaming tray must be placed on the base first; then the rice
bowl is placed inside the steamer tray for use. Liquid such as water or
stock is added to rice in the rice bowl. Measure the required quantity of
rice and liquid in the rice bowl according to the Steaming Guide. Cover
with lid. Plug into wall outlet. Do not operate the appliance without the
large steaming tray and lid in place.
WARNING: During use, never touch the base, steamer bowls, or
lid, since they get very hot. When steaming is complete, the timer
will give an audible tone and automatically shut off the steaming
When you have finished steaming, unplug from wall socket and allow
to cool completely. Clean before storing.
Setting the Time:
• Turn the control knob to select the desired steaming time. The steamer
will begin.
Stopping the Steamer:
• The steamer will automatically shut off after the programmed time
has elapsed.
• An audible tone will signal that steaming is complete.
• If you want to stop the steamer before time has elapsed completely,
simply turn the control knob to “off”.
After Cooking:
• Unplug the plug from the power outlet.
• After turning off steamer, wait 1 minute before removing lid to avoid
steam burns.
• When removing the lid or other components from your steamer, make
sure to use oven mitts. First remove the turbo convection fan. Then
remove lid carefully, lifting the side farthest away from you first, to allow
the steam to escape away from you.
• Lift off the top steaming tray first (if you have used both trays).
• Next remove the bottom (larger) steaming tray.
• Set the trays down on a flat, heat and water resistant surface, and
remove contents.
• During the cooking cycle, water from condensation will accumulate in
the steamer base. Allow to cool completely before emptying and
following cleaning instructions on page 5 (remove water reservoir before
emptying steamer base).
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