Canon W8200 Printer User Manual

Print Media You Can Use
Print Media That Can Be Used
A variety of print media can be used with this printer. The size and types of
paper or special media, the print area for each type, and other details are
described below.
z With some print media, the hue of some colors may change slightly when the ink
on the surface of the media has dried completely. In such a case, wait for the ink to
dry completely before handling the media.
z For more details about Canon print media, please refer to the instructions provided
with each media package.
Types of Print Media
The types of paper and other print media are described below.
TPlain Paper
Inexpensive paper for use. Suitable for printing monochrome, proofs,
and low density color images.
z Compared to other types of media, the stability of plain paper is slightly less
because it is more susceptible to change by temperature and humidity.
z You can also use plain, cut sheet copy paper (64 ~ 105 g/m
) intended for use on
copy machines.
Dye Ink Pigment Ink
Plain Paper Heavy Coated Paper
Coated Paper Photo Glossy Paper
Heavy Coated Paper Photo Semi-Glossy Paper
Glossy Paper Synthetic Paper (Non-Adhesive)
Photo Glossy Paper Synthetic Paper (Adhesive)
Photo Semi-Glossy Paper Back Light Film
Glossy Film Flame-Resistant Cloth
Back Print Film
Proofing Paper