KitchenAid KRFC704FBS Refrigerator User Manual

3. Replace the tray by placing it on the bottom tray guide and
pushing it past the tray stop into position.
FreshSeal™ Crisper Drawers
These upgraded crisper drawers use a gasket seal to maintain
the ideal temperature and humidity levels to keep produce fresh
longer. These drawers also feature premium soft-close glides
that provide the best extension for easy access and maximum
visibility to your produce items.
To remove and replace the drawers:
1. Grasp the handle at the bottom of the drawer and slide the
drawer straight out to the stop. Lift the drawer off the bottom
2. Replace the drawer by placing it on the bottom drawer guide
and pushing it past the drawer stop into position.
To remove the crispers cover (can remove only if platter
pocket is removed first):
1. Remove the platter pocket first.
2. Holding the glass insert firmly with one hand, press up in
center of glass insert until it rises above the plastic frame.
Gently slide the glass insert forward to remove.
To replace crisper(s) cover(s):
1. Remove the crisper pan, platter pocket, and crisper glass
before removing the crisper.
2. Fit back of cover frame into supports on side walls of the
refrigerator and lower the front of the cover frame into place.
3. Slide rear of glass insert into cover frame and lower front into
Refrigerator Door Bins
The bins on your refrigerator door are adjustable to meet your
individual storage needs.
FreshSeal™ Herb Bin
This is a cylinder with a FreshSeal™ to keep sensitive items
like herbs fresh longer. The container allows water to be added
to keep stems wet without covering leaves. It can be placed
anywhere in the refrigerator and accommodates tall items like
parsley, cilantro, and rosemary in addition to herbs like oregano,
thyme, and mint.