Miele G 1182 Dishwasher User Manual

Do not wash items soiled with
ash, sand, wax, grease or paint in
the dishwasher.
Ash and sand do not dissolve and
will be distributed throughout the
inside of the dishwasher.
Wax, grease and paint will cause
permanent discoloration and
damage to the dishwasher.
^ Scrape food from dishes before
placing them in the dishwasher,
rinsing is not necessary.
^ Some foods contain natural dyes,
e.g. carrots or tomatoes. Plastic items
may discolor permanently if they
come in contact with food dyes.
^ All items can be placed anywhere in
the baskets.
^ Load dishes so that water can reach
all surfaces. Do not place dishes or
cutlery inside other pieces.
^ Make sure that all items are securely
^ Hollow items such as cups and
glasses should be placed upside
down in the baskets.
^ To ensure good water coverage,
tall, narrow and hollow items,
i.e. vases or champagne glasses,
should be placed in the center of the
basket rather than in the corners.
^ Concave based items such as mugs
or bowls, should be placed at an
angle so that water does not pool.
^ The spray arms must not be blocked
by items that are too tall or hang
through the baskets. Check
clearance by manually rotating the
spray arms.
^ Place very small items in the cutlery
tray or basket so they do not fall to
the bottom of the wash cabinet.
^ Food residue and spilled liquids
should be cleaned from the sides of
the dishwasher door. These are
outside of the wash cabinet and are
not cleaned by water from the spray
Loading the dishwasher