Miele G 1182 Dishwasher User Manual

In the event of a fault which you cannot
correct yourself please contact the
Miele Service Department at the phone
number on the back of this booklet.
^ Please quote the model type and
number of your appliance.
These can be found on the data plate
along the right edge of the door.
PC Update
The Program Correction (PC) allows a
technician to update the dishwasher to
make use of new technology.
When, for example, technological
developments offer advanced
modifications to your existing program
cycles a service technician will be able
to input these into your machine
controls via the indicator light marked
PC. Miele will provide information when
such possibilities become available.
(USA only)
MieleCare, our Extended Service
Contract program, gives you the
assurance of knowing that your
appliance investment is covered by
5 years of worry free ownership.
MieleCare is the only Extended Service
Contract in the industry that guarantees
repairs by a Miele Authorized Service
Provider using genuine Miele parts.
Only genuine Miele parts installed by
factory trained professionals can
guarantee the safety, reliability, and
longevity of your Miele appliance.
Please note that unless expressly
approved in writing by Miele’s Service
department, Extended Service
Contracts offered by other providers for
Miele products will not be recognized
by Miele. Our goal is to prevent
unauthorized (and untrained) service
personnel from working on your Miele
products, possibly doing further
damage to them, you and/or your
To learn more about MieleCare
Extended Service Contracts, please
contact your appliance dealer or visit
us online at:
After sales service