Miele G 1182 Dishwasher User Manual

Problem Possible fault Solution
Dishes are still wet,
glasses and cutlery are
The rinse aid setting may
be too low, or the rinse
aid reservoir is empty.
Increase the dosage, refill
the reservoir or switch the
rinse aid product when
refilling, see "Before using
for the first time".
Dishes were taken out too
Leave dishes in longer,
see "Use".
A "Tab" product was
used. These products
have a low drying effect.
Use a normal (powder or
gel) detergent and add
rinse aid.
White residue is visible
on cutlery and dishes.
Clouding occurs on
glassware and film can
be wiped off.
Not enough rinse aid was
Increase the dosage, see
"Before using for the first
A "Tab" product was
Use a normal (gel or
powder) detergent.
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