Miele G 1182 Dishwasher User Manual

Default settings
All settings can be reset to the factory
^ Open the door.
^ Turn the dishwasher off "o".
^ Press and hold the "Program" button
and at the same time turn the
dishwasher on "g".
Hold the "Program" button until the
"Rinse & Hold" program indicator
comes on.
If it does not come on, start over.
^ Press the "Program" button 12 times.
The "Intake / Drain" indicator flashes
once long and twice short in intervals.
The setting can be recognized by the
flashing of the "SaniWash" indicator:
flashing: all settings are factory
not lit up: at least one setting was
^ To change the setting press the
"Program" button for at least one
second, until the "Intake / Drain"
indicator lights up.
^ Press the "Program" button.
The setting is saved.
^ Turn the dishwasher off "o".
Additional options