Mercedes-Benz 2006 SL-Class Automobile User Manual

Getting started
Starting the engine Automatic transmission
Gearshift pattern for automatic
P Park position with gear selector lever
R Reverse gear
N Neutral
D Drive position
For more information, see “Automatic
transmission” (
page 162).
Starting with the SmartKey
̈ Make sure the gear selector lever is set
to P.
̈ Do not depress the accelerator.
̈ Turn the SmartKey in the starter switch
to position 3 and hold until the engine
starts (
page 36).
For information on turning off the engine
with the SmartKey, see “Turning off with
the SmartKey” (
page 60).
Warning! G
Inhalation of exhaust gas is hazardous to
your health. All exhaust gas contains carbon
monoxide, and inhaling it can cause uncon-
sciousness and possible death.
Do not run the engine in confined areas
(such as a garage) which are not properly
ventilated. If you think that exhaust gas
fumes are entering the vehicle while driving,
have the cause determined and corrected
immediately. If you must drive under these
conditions, drive with at least one window
fully open.
You can also use the “touch-start”
function. Turn the SmartKey to
position 3 and release it again immedi-
ately. The engine then starts automati-