Frigidaire FFBD2407LS Dishwasher User Manual

Filling the Detergent Dispenser
The detergent dispenser has one covered and one
uncovered cup. Detergent in the uncovered cup falls into
the dishwasher when the door is closed. The covered
cup opens automatically to release detergent.
Use only fresh automatic dishwashing detergent.
Other detergents will cause oversudsing.
When using automatic dishwashing detergent tabs,
place one tab in main wash cup and close.
Add detergent just before starting cycle.
Store detergent in a cool, dry location. Moist
or caked detergent will not dissolve properly.
Heavy Wash
Normal Wash
Detergent Usage Guide
Soft Water
(0-3 grains)
Medium Hard Water
(4-8 grains)
Hard Water
(9-12 grains)
Very Hard Water*
(over 12 grains)
2 teaspoons
(each cup–
1/4 full)
5 teaspoons
(each cup–fill to line
above "Regular")
8 teaspoons
(each cup– completely
Each Cup–
Completely Full
(water softener
Top Rack
2 teaspoons
(Main Wash cup–
1/4 full)
5 teaspoons
(Main Wash cup–fill to
line above "Regular")
8 teaspoons
(Main Wash cup–
completely full)
Main Wash Cup–
Completely Full
(water softener
Rinse Only
No Detergent No Detergent No Detergent
No Detergent
(water softener
Main Wash Cup
Pre Wash Cup
Cover Latch
If the cover is closed on the Main Wash Cup,
open by pressing the cover latch.
How much Detergent to use
The amount of detergent to use depends on the water
hardness. Water hardness is measured in grains per gallon.
Using too little detergent can result in poor cleaning and
hard water filming or spotting. Using too much detergent in
soft water can cause a permanent film called etching. Your
local water company, water softener company or county
extension agent can tell you the water hardness in your
The use of industrial grade detergent can damage the
heating coil and other parts of the dishwasher leading
to damage to the unit and surrounding property. Use
only household grade automatic dishwasher detergents.
For very hard water, detergent alone may not be enough. A water softener is recommended
to improve water quality and dishwashing performance. Try adding more detergent at the beginning of the main wash
portion of the cycle. As a rule, use 1 teaspoon for each grain above 12. Unlatch the door, open slowly and add detergent to
the bottom of the tub. Close the door to latch and the dishwasher will continue through the cycle.