Frigidaire FFBD2407LS Dishwasher User Manual

Upper Rack Option
The UPPER RACK option can be used to wash a wide
assortment of items when you don't have a full load.
Also, when the upper rack fills up with glasses and the
lower rack is still empty, you don't have to wait anymore
for clean glasses.
Loading the Bottom Rack
Features and appearance of racks and silverware basket
may vary from your model.
The lower rack is best for plates, saucers, bowls, and
cookware. Large items should be placed along the edge
so they do not block the spray arm rotation. For best
results, place bowls, casseroles, and sauce pans with
soiled surface facing down or toward the center. Tilt
slightly for better drainage.
Make sure tall items do not block spray arm rotation.
Be sure pan handles do not protrude through the bottom
of the rack and block the spray arm rotation.
10 place settings standard loading pattern.
12 place settings standard loading pattern.
STEMWARE HOLDER/CUPSHELF not available on all