Frigidaire FFBD2407LS Dishwasher User Manual

The dishwasher is programmed to remember your last
cycle so you do not have to reset each time. To start the
dishwasher using the same cycle and options selected on
the previous wash, just press the START/CANCEL pad.
Wash Cycle Selections
Cycle times are approximate and will vary with options
selected. Hot water is necessary to activate dishwasher
detergent and melt fatty food soils. An automatic sensor will
check the incoming water temperature and, if it is not hot
enough, the timer will be delayed for automatic water
heating in the main wash of all cycles. This happens even
when HI-TEMP WASH option has not been selected. When
HI-TEMP WASH is selected, an even higher temperature will
be guaranteed to handle heavier soil loads.
Your dishwasher cleans by spraying a mixture of hot water and detergent through the spray arms against soiled surfaces.
First, the dishwasher fills with water covering the filter area. Water is then pumped through the filter and spray arms. Soil
particles go down the drain as the water is pumped out and replaced with clean water. The number of water fills will vary
with the cycle being used.
Appearance may vary from your model.
Getting Started
1. Load dishwasher (See Preparing and Loading Dishes).
2. Add detergent (See Dishwasher Dispenser &
3. Add rinse aid, if needed (See Rinse Aid).
4. Close door to latch.
5. Select desired CYCLE (See Cycle Chart). The indicator
light above the pad will glow when selected.
6. Select desired OPTIONS (See Energy Options). The
indicator light above the pad will glow when selected.
7. Run hot water faucet nearest dishwasher until water
is hot. Turn water off.
8. To start, press START/CANCEL pad.
Heating Element
Glass Trap
Rinse Aid
Middle Spray Arm
Lower Spray Arm
Detergent Dispenser
Top Rack
Serial Label
(located on
Cup Shelves
Overfill Protector
(on some models)
*Not all cycles and options available on all models.