Frigidaire FFBD2407LS Dishwasher User Manual

Overfill Protectorkeeps dishwasher from
overfilling and is located in the left front corner of the
• Clean occasionally with
household cleaner containing
vinegar or bleach to dissolve
any buildup.
• Overfill Protector should
move up and down freely
about one inch. If it does
not move, lift and clean underneath.
Care of Drain Air Gap
If a drain air gap was installed for your built-in
dishwasher, check to make sure it is clean so the
dishwasher will drain properly. A drain air gap is usually
mounted on countertop and can be inspected by
removing the cover. This is not part of your dishwasher
and is not covered by warranty.
Hard water may cause lime deposit buildup on the
interior of the dishwasher. For cleaning instructions see
“Removing Spots and Film” section.
OutsideOccasionally wipe with a mild
nonabrasive detergent and water. Rinse and dry.
Models with Stainless Steel Door
Clean outer door with warm soapy water and a dishcloth
or sponge. Rinse with clean water and a dry cloth. Do not
use harsh cleaners.
InsideThe inside of the dishwasher is self-cleaning
with normal use. If needed, clean around the tub gasket
area with a damp cloth.
The filter is self-
cleaning. A glass trap
located in the center of
the filter is designed to
collect pieces of broken
glass, straws, bones and
pits. To remove items in
glass trap, grasp
handle, lift out, empty
and replace.
A dishwasher left in an unheated place should be
protected from freezing. Have a qualified person do the
To Disconnect Service:
1. Turn off electrical power to the dishwasher at the
supply source by removing fuses or tripping circuit
2. Shut off water supply.
3. Place a pan under the inlet valve. Disconnect water
line from inlet valve and drain into pan.
4. Disconnect drain line from pump and drain water
into pan.
To Restore Service:
1. Reconnect the water, drain, and electrical power
2. Turn on water and electrical power supply.
3. Fill both detergent cups and run dishwasher through
4. Check connections to make sure they do not leak.
Allow heating element to cool before
cleaning the interior.
Failure to do so can result in burns.
Burn Hazard
Property Damage Hazard
Freezing temperatures may cause water lines to
rupture. Be sure all supply lines to and circulating lines
within dishwasher are protected.
Failure to do so could result in property damage.
See Installation Instructions for more details on
disconnecting and restoring service to your dishwasher.