GE JGP336 Cooktop User Manual

Porcelain Enamel Cooktop (on some models)
The porcelain enamel finish is sturdy
but breakable if misused. This finish is
acid-resistant. However, any acidic foods
spilled (such as fruit juices, tomato or
vinegar) should not be permitted to
remain on the finish.
If acids spill on the cooktop while it is hot, use a
dry paper towel or cloth to wipe it up right away.
When the surface has cooled, wash with soap
and water. Rinse well.
For other spills such as fat spatterings,
wash with soap and water or cleansing
powders after the surface has cooled.
Rinse well. Polish with a dry cloth.
Care and cleaning of the cooktop.
Burner Grates
Porcelain enamel burner grates should
be washed regularly and, of course, after
Wash them in hot, soapy water and rinse
with clean water. You may also use abrasive
cleaners and scrub pads to clean burner
grates. Dry the grates with a cloth—don’t
put them back on the cooktop wet.
To get rid of burned-on food, place the
grates in a covered container or plastic
bag. Add 1/4 cup ammonia and let them
soak several hours or overnight. Wash,
rinse well, and dry.
To prevent rusting, apply a light coating of
cooking oil to the grates.
Although they’re durable, the grates will
gradually lose their shine, regardless of
the best care you can give them. This is
due to their continual exposure to high
Do not operate a burner for an extended
period of time without cookware on the
grate. The finish on the grate may chip
without cookware to absorb the heat.
Stainless Steel Surfaces (on some models)
Do not use a steel-wool pad; it will
scratch the surface.
To clean the stainless steel surface,
use warm sudsy water, a stainless steel
cleaner such as Kleen King
, or an
all-purpose liquid or spray cleaner.
Always scrub in the direction of the
grain. Rinse thoroughly with a sponge
or cloth and clean water. Dry with
a soft, clean cloth.
After cleaning, use a stainless steel
polish, such as Stainless Steel Magic
Revere Copper and Stainless Steel
or Wenol All Purpose
Metal Polish
. Follow the product
instructions for cleaning the stainless
steel surfaces.
When replacing the grates, be sure
they’re positioned securely over the
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