GE JGP336 Cooktop User Manual

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Before You Call For Service…
Troubleshooting Tips
Save time and money! Review the chart on this page first
and you may not need to call for service.
Problem Possible Causes What To Do
Burners have yellow or The combustion quality of Use the illustrations below to determine if your burner
yellow-tipped flames burner flames needs to be flames are normal. If burner flames look like A, call for
determined visually. service. Normal burner flames should look like B or C,
depending on the type of gas you use. With LP gas, some
yellow tipping on outer cones is normal.
A–Yellow flames B–Yellow tips C–Soft blue flames
Call for service on outer cones Normal for natural
Normal for LP gas gas
Control knobs Controls improperly set. To turn from the OFF position, push the knob in and
will not turn then turn.
Burners do Plug on cooktop is not Make sure electrical plug is plugged into a live, properly
not light completely inserted in the grounded outlet.
electrical outlet.
Gas supply not connected See the Installation Instructions that came with your
or turned on. cooktop.
A fuse in your home may be Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.
blown or the circuit breaker
Igniter orifice in burner body Remove the obstruction. See the Care and cleaning of
may be clogged. the cooktop section.
Burner parts not replaced See the Care and cleaning of the cooktop section.
Hole in burner top behind Use a small sewing needle to unplug.
the igniter may be clogged.
Ticking sound of spark Control knob is still Turn the knob out of the LITE position to the desired
igniter persists after in the LITE position. setting.
burner lights
Turn the burner off and relight. If ticking is still
present, call for service.
Ticking sound persists Be sure the knob is in the Remove knob by pulling it straight off the stem and
after burner is turned off OFF position. check the bottom of the knob for any buildup of soil.
Burner flames very Improper air to gas ratio. If cooktop is connected to LP gas, check all steps
large or yellow in the Installation Instructions that came with
your cooktop.