GE JGP336 Cooktop User Manual

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Using the cooktop burners.
Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model.
How to Light a Burner
Your cooktop burners are lit by electric
ignition, eliminating the need for
standing pilot lights with constantly
burning flames.
Push the control knob in and turn it
counterclockwise to the LITE position.
After the burner ignites, turn the knob to
adjust the flame size. To turn the burner
off, turn the knob clockwise as far as it
will go, to the OFF position.
In case of a power failure, you can light the
burners with a match. Hold a lit match to the
burner, then push in and turn the control knob
to the LITE position. Use extreme caution when
lighting burners this way. Burners in use when
an electrical power failure occurs will continue
to operate normally.
Do not operate the burner for an extended
period of time without cookware on the grate.
The finish on the grate may chip without
cookware to absorb the heat.
Check to be sure the burner you turn on is the
one you want to use.
Be sure the burners and grates are cool before
you place your hand, a pot holder, cleaning
cloths or other materials on them.
Be sure you turn the control knob
to OFF when you finish cooking.
How to Select Flame Size
For safe handling of cookware, never let the
flames extend up the sides of the cookware.
Watch the flame, not the knob, as you
reduce heat. The flame size on a gas
burner should match the cookware
you are using.
Any flame larger than the bottom of the
cookware is wasted and only serves to
heat the handle.
Simmer and Power Burners (on some models)
The left front and rear burners are best
for smaller pans and cooking operations
requiring carefully controlled simmering
The front right burner is a high power
burner for larger pans and fast boiling