Kenmore 790. 4788 Oven User Manual

Setting Oven Controls
Setting Convection Bake
_A_ Conv',_
The CONVECTION ..... _B_,k_! pad controls the Convection Bake feature.
Use the Convection Bake feature when cooking speed is desired. The oven
can be programmed for Convection baking at any temperature between 170 ° F
(77 ° C) to 550 ° F (288 ° C).
Convection baking uses a fan to circulate the oven's heat evenly and continuously
within the oven (See Figure 1). This improved heat distribution allows for fast, even
cooking and browning results. It also gives better baking results when using 2 or 3
racks at the same time. Breads and pastries brown more evenly. Convection bake
cooks most foods faster and more evenly than conventional bake. This oven is
equipped with multiple fan speeds for even cooking when baking and better tasting
meats when roasting. Itwill use a slower fan speed for baking. The slow fan speed
will be used for slowly and evenly move the air through the cavity and produce
lighter flakier crusts for pies and evenly brown cookies.
General Convection Bake Instructions
t. Time reductions will vary depending on the amount and type of food to be
cooked. Cookies and biscuits should be baked on pans with no sides or very
low sides to allow heated air to circulate around the food. Food baked on
pans with a dark finish will cook faster.
2. Preheating is not necessary when cooking casseroles with Convection
3. When using Convection Bake with a single rack, place oven rack in
position 2 or 3. If cooking on multiple racks, place the oven racks in
positions 2 and 4.
__ Air
' do.og
_ Convection
Figure 1
4th Rack
_ position
3rd Rack
2nd Rack
1st Rack
Figure 2
Benefits of Convection Bake:
--Multiple rack baking.
--Some foods cook up to 30% faster,
saving time and energy.
--No special pans or bakeware needed.
To set the oven for Convection Bake and
temperature to 375°F
t. Arrange interior oven racks and place food in oven.
2. _ress _,Bak_J'""CONV BAKE" will flash and "350" will appear in
the display (Figure 3).
3. Press _ _ _. "CONV BAKE" will keep flashing
and "375 °'' will appear in the display (Figure 4).
4. Press "CONV BAKE" will stop flashing and the fan icon
will appear in the display (Figure 5).
Note: The convection fan will start AS SOON AS the oven is set for
Convection Bake. The display will show an icon of rotating fan
within a square. This rotating fan icon indicates when the
Convection Fan is operating.
Press _'_ to stop Convection Bake or cancel Convection Bake
any time.
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5