Kenmore 790. 4788 Oven User Manual

Setting Oven Controls
Using the Temperature Probe Feature
For many foods, especially roasts and poultry, testing the internal temperature isthe best method to insure properly
cooked food. The Temperature Probe gets the exact temperature you desire without having to guess.
1. Use only the probe supplied with your appliance; any other may result in damage to the probe or the appliance.
2. Handle the Temperature Probe carefully when inserting and removing it from the food and outlet.
3. Do not use tongs to pull the cable when inserting or removing the Probe. It could damage the Probe.
4. Defrost your food completely before inserting the Probe to avoid breaking it.
5. Never leave or store the Temperature Probe inside the oven when not in use.
6. To prevent the possibility of burns, carefully unplug the Temperature Probe using hot pads.
Proper Temperature Probe Placement:
1. Always insert the probe so that the tip rests in the center of the thickest part of the
meat. Do not allow probe to touch bone, fat, gristle or pan.
2. For bone-in ham or lamb, insert the Probe into the center of the lowest large muscle
or joint. For dishes such as meat loaf or casseroles, insert the Probe into the center
of the food. When cooking fish, insert the Probe from just above the gill into the
meatiest area, parallel to the backbone.
3. For whole poultry (chicken, turkey, etc.), insert the probe into the thickest part of the
inner thigh from below and parallel to the leg (see figure 1).
Setting the Oven When using the Temperature Probe:
1. If needed, preheat the oven to the desired temperature.
Figure 1
2. Insert the Temperature Probe into the food (see Proper Temperature Probe Placement above).
3. After the oven has reached the desired temperature, place the food into the oven.
4. The oven will be hot, so wear an oven mitt and plug the Temperature Probe into its outlet in the oven. (The outlet is
located on the top left hand side of the cavity wall, near front of the oven). Make sure it is pushed all the way into the
outlet. Close the oven door.
5. The oven control will detect if the probe is correctly plugged in and will illuminate _ in the
A target temperature must be set to trigger the buzzer when the food reach the set temperature. Press the @
twice to enter the temperature, note that the first time @ is pressed, the probe actual temperature will be
The symbol _ will start flashing to show that a target temperature can be entered. Adjust temperature to the desired
®® .................
setting using the to pads or just press ;;i START to use the default target temperature of 170°F.
The target temperature setting will be accepted after the pad is pressed.
7. At any time during the cooking, the @ pad can be pressed once to display the actual meat temperature or pressed
twice to display the target temperature. When on the target temperature display, The symbol _ will flash to indicate
that a new target temperature can be entered. After 5-8 seconds, the display will go back to showing the bake
Setting the oven to stop cooking after the meat probe target temperature has been reached:
When the oven is shipped from the factory it is set to beep when the target temperature has been reached, but cooking will
still continue. To change it so that cooking stops when the oven beeps follow the steps below:
1. Keep @ pressed for 7 seconds. "PnCC" (Probe no Cancel Cooking) will appear in the display.
2. Press @ to toggle between "PnCC" and "P CC" (Probe Cancel Cooking).
3. Press to accept the change or @ to cancel the change.
The probe can be damaged by very high temperature. To protect the probe against this damage, the oven
control will not allow you to start a self-clean or broil while the probe is connected.