Kenmore 790. 4788 Oven User Manual

To Start the delayed Self=Clean Cycle
The FLEX CLEAN _, DELAY START _ pads and length of clean cycle, controls the Delayed Self-Clean
The automatic timer will turn the oven on and off at the time you select in advance. Be sure to review TO START THE SELF-
CLEAN CYCLE for recommended clean times.
To set the control for the Self-Cleaning Cycle to
start at a delayed time and shut off automatically
(example: 3 hour self-clean cycle to start at 4:30)
t. Be sure the clock is set with the correct time of day and the
oven door is closed.
2. Press _. "CLEAN" will flash and "3:00" HR will show in
the display (Figure t ). The control will automatically clean for a
3 hour period (default self-cleaning cycle time). Note: if a 2 or 4
hour clean time is desired, press (_ (_ (_ for 2 hour
orpress db db fora4hourc,eantimeSetthe
cleaning time based on the amount of soil--light, medium or
heavy (*See previous page).
3. Press START'The "DOOR LOCKED" icon will [lash;
"CLEAN" icon and the letters "CLn" will remain on in the
display (Figure 2).
Press _. Enter the desired start time using the number
pads _ _ _ (Figure 3).
5. Press : START'::"DELAY", "DOOR LOCKED" and "CLEAN"
icons will remain on (Figure 4).
6. As soon as the control is set, the motor driven oven door lock
will begin to close automatically. Once the door has been
locked the "DOOR LOCKED" indicator light will quit flashing
and remain on.
7. The control will start the self-cleaning at the set start time, for
the period of time previously selected. At that time, the icon
"DELAY" will go out; "CLn" and oven icon will appear in the
display (Figure 5).
When the Self=Clean Cycle is Completed
1. "END" will appear inthe display. The time of day, the "DOOR
LOCKED" and "CLEAN" icon will remain in the display (Figure
2. Once the oven has cooled down for approximately 1 HOUR,
and the "DOOR LOCKED" icon is no longer displayed, the
oven door can then be opened (Figure 7).
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