Oster 102819 Bread Maker User Manual

Troubleshooting Breadmaker Problems
If the breadmaker does not function as you think it should,
review the chart below for some possible solutions.
Troubleshooting Baking Problems
If your bread does not turn out the way you expected or has
some characteristic you don’t care for, review the chart below
for some possible solutions.
There are several possible
solutions. The bread may have
been left in the bread pan too
long after baking. Remove the
bread from the pan sooner and
allow it to cool. Try using more
flour (a teaspoon at a time), or
less yeast (1/4 teaspoon at a
time), or less water or liquid (a
teaspoon at a time). This could
also be the result of forgetting to
add salt to the recipe.
The sides of the bread collapse
and the bottom of the bread is
Baking Problem Solution
Ingredients have spilled out of the
bread pan and into the machine
itself. Stop the breadmaker and
allow it to cool off. Clean the
breadmaker before using it again.
Please see “Taking Care of Your
Bread Machine” on page 30.
Make sure the baking pan and
kneading blade are properly
installed in the machine.
You see smoke or smell a
burning odor from the back of
the machine.
The dough does not mix.
Breadmaker Problem Solution