Oster Bread & Dough Maker Bread Maker User Manual

Last Things Last
You'll see this tip in several places in this book, but it bears repeating:
Always put the liquids in first, the dry ingredients in next, and the yeast last
(fruits and nuts are added later, after the machine has completed the first
knead). Dig a shallow hole in the dry ingredients and place the yeast in the
hole so that there's absolutely no contact between the liquids and the
yeast. This is especially important when you're using the Delay bake option.
You don’t want the yeast to be activated too soon in the process!
Placement Counts!
Place dried fruits, vegetables, and dried spices away from the liquid
ingredients in the bread pan. If they soak up water, they can undermine
the bread’s chemistry.
Freshness First
Avoid using perishable ingredients — milk, yogurt, eggs, or cheese — with
the Delay Bake function.
Just Wait Fifteen
For best results, wait fifteen minutes before slicing; the bread needs
time to cool.
Deep Freeze
To freeze fresh bread, let it cool completely and double-bag in plastic.
Gourmet Baker