AEG 64800 Dishwasher User Manual

Operating instructions
1. Check the filters
Ensure they are clean and properly positioned (see "Maintenance and
2. Press the On/Off pushbutton
The On/Off indicator light will illuminate and in three horizontal lines
(- - - ) will appear in the display.
3. Check that there is rinse aid and salt
The corresponding indicator lights will illuminate if refilling is
4. Load the dishes
Remove any scraps of food.
Pull the lower basket out and arrange the saucepans, plates and
cutlery in it.
Pull the upper basket out and arrange the plates, saucers, glasses and
cups etc. in it.
Slide the baskets back into the machine.
5. Ensure that the spray arms can rotate freely.
6. Add the detergent
As all detergents are not the same, you should also consult the
instructions on the packet.
Close the detergent dispenser lid.
7. Open the water tap
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