Amana W10261420A Dishwasher User Manual

Secure Dishwasher in Cabinet
Double check dishwasher
alignment in cabinet opening
Open dishwasher door, remove lower dish rack, and place towel
over pump assembly and lower spray arm of dishwasher. This
will stop screws from falling into pump area when securing
dishwasher to countertop.
Check that dishwasher is still level front to back and side to side
in cabinet opening.
IMPORTANT: If you have solid countertops such as corrian,
granite, etc., you must use side mounting kit (Part Number
8212560). Follow kit instructions. (Brackets included with kit.)
Remove lower dish rack
and place towel
NOTE: Do not drop screws into bottom of dishwasher.
Locate brackets on top of dishwasher and secure dishwasher to
countertop with two, #10 x ¹⁄₂” Phillips-head screws (included).
The dishwasher must be secured to keep it from shifting when
door is opened.
Secure dishwasher
Check that top of door does not contact screws, brackets, or
countertop. If it does, adjust leveling legs.
Check door clearance
Check inner spacing
Open door and check that space between dishwasher cabinet
opening and tub is equal on both sides. If spacing is not equal,
loosen bracket screws secured and shift tub. Tighten bracket