Amana W10261420A Dishwasher User Manual

Wire stripper
tubing cutter
Cordless drill
with ¹⁄₂", ³⁄₄"
and 1¹⁄₂" hole
saw bits
UL Listed/CSA
Approved twist-on
wire connectors*
Small level
Utility knife
nut drivers or
hex sockets
Measuring tape
or ruler
10" adjustable wrench
that opens to
Tools and Parts
Gather the recommended tools and parts before starting
installation. Read and follow the instructions provided with any tools
listed here.
All Installations
Tools needed:
*Must be the proper size to connect your household wiring to 16
gauge wiring in dishwasher
Other useful items you may need:
Parts supplied:
Make sure all these parts are included in the literature package.
Parts needed:
Other parts you may also need:
Parts available for purchase in plumbing supply stores.
Check local codes. Check existing electrical supply. See “Electrical
Requirements” section. It is recommended that electrical connections be
made by a licensed electrical installer.
 Teflon is a registered trademark of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company.
In addition, for first time installations
Tools needed:
Parts needed:
Location Requirements
Grounded electrical supply required.
Do not run drain lines, water lines or electrical wiring where
they can interfere with or contact dishwasher motor or legs.
The location where the dishwasher will be installed must
provide clearance between motor and flooring. Motor should not
touch the floor.
Do not install dishwasher over carpeted flooring.
Shelter dishwasher and water lines leading to dishwasher
against freezing. Damage from freezing is not covered by the
A side panel kit is available from your dealer for installing
your dishwasher at the end of your cabinetry.
A moisture barrier accessory (Part Number 4396277) is available
from your dealer for installing underneath the countertop.
Check location where dishwasher will be installed. The
location must provide:
• easy access to water, electricity and drain.
• convenient access for loading and unloading dishes.
Corner locations require a 2” (5.1 cm) minimum
clearance between the side of the dishwasher door
and the wall or cabinet.
• square opening for proper operation and appearance.
• cabinet front perpendicular to floor.
• level floor. (If floor at front of opening is not level with
floor at rear of opening, shims may be needed to level
Helpful Tip: Be sure to accurately measure dimensions
and ensure dishwasher is level if the floor in the dishwasher
opening is uneven (example: flooring extends only partway into
NOTE: To avoid shifting during dishwasher operation, shims must
be securely attached to the floor.
If dishwasher will be left unused for a period of time or in a
location where it may be subject to freezing, have it winterized by
authorized service personnel.
Make sure pipes, wires and drain hose are within the shaded area
shown in the “Product and Cabinet Opening Dimensions” section.
Drain hose
Drain hose clamps (2)
(1 large and 1 small)
screws (2)
Copper tubing (³⁄₈"
O.D. suggested) or
flexible braided
water supply line
For Direct Wire:
use UL Listed/
CSA Approved
strain relief
to fit ⁷⁄₈" (2.2 cm)
See Electrical Requirements section
For Power Supply
Cord: use UL
listed power
supply cord kit
marked for use
with dishwasher
Bath towel
Wood block
Shallow pan
Masking or
duct tape
(38.1 5 cm)
clamps (3 maximum)
Side mounting kit
for solid surface
(Part Number