Amana W10261420A Dishwasher User Manual

Drain Requirements
• A new drain hose is supplied with your dishwasher.
If this is not long enough, use a new drain hose with a maximum
length of 12’ (3.7 m) (Part Number 3385556) that meets all
current AHAM/IAPMO test standards, is resistant to heat and
detergent, and fits the 1” (2.5 cm) drain connector of the
• Make sure to connect drain hose to waste tee or disposer inlet
above drain trap in house plumbing and 20” (50.8 cm) minimum
above the floor. It is recommended that the drain hose either be
looped up and securely fastened to the underside of the counter,
or be connected to an air gap.
• Make sure to use an air gap if the drain hose is connected to
house plumbing lower than 20” (50.8 cm) above subfloor or floor.
• Use ¹⁄₂” minimum I.D. drain line fittings.
• If required the air gap should be installed in accordance with the
air gap installation instructions, when connecting the air gap a
rubber hose (not provided) will be needed to connect to the waste
tee or disposer inlet.
Water Supply Requirements
• A hot water line with 20 to 120 psi (138 to 862 kPa) water
pressure can be verified by a licensed plumber.
• 120°F (49°C) water at dishwasher.
³⁄₈” O.D. copper tubing with compression fitting or
flexible braided water supply line (Part Number 4396897RP)
¹⁄₂” minimum plastic tubing is not recommended.
• A 90° elbow with ³⁄₈” N.P.T. external pipe threads on one
• Do not solder within 6” (15.2 cm) from water inlet valve.
Use of air gap
Air gap
Electrical Requirements
Be sure that the electrical connection and wire size are adequate
and in conformance with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA
70 - latest edition and all local codes and ordinances.
A copy of the above code standards can be obtained from:
National Fire Protection Association
1 Batterymarch Park
Quincy, MA 02169
You must have:
• 120-volt, 60 Hz, AC-only, 15- or 20- amp., fused electrical
• copper wire only.
We recommend:
• a time-delay fuse or circuit breaker.
• a separate circuit.
If connecting dishwasher with a power supply cord:
• Use UL Listed power
supply cord kit (Part
Number 4317824)
marked for use with dishwasher.
• Power supply cord must plug into
a grounded 3 prong outlet, located in the
cabinet next to the dishwasher opening.
Outlet must meet all local codes and
If connecting dishwasher with direct wiring:
• Use flexible, armored or
nonmetallic sheathed,
copper wire with
grounding wire that meets
the wiring requirements for your home and local codes and
• Use a UL Listed/CSA Approved strain relief.