Dacor DDWF24S Dishwasher User Manual

To release the top spray arm, rst remove the 5.
top rack. Pull the top rack out until it stops. Turn
both rack stops outwards on the rack mounting
rails (see diagram). Pull the rack toward you to
remove it.
Remove the top spray arm in the same way as 6.
the bottom arm and clean it. Reinstall the top
spray arm the same way as the bottom one.
Reinstall the top rack by inserting the rollers on 7.
the base of the rack into the slots on the rack
mounting rails. Turn both rack stops inward to
lock the rack into place.
Cleaning the Spray Arms
The holes and bearings on the spray arms can
sometimes become blocked. Clean them as follows
to restore proper operation.
Open the door and remove the bottom rack.1.
Pull the bottom spray arm straight up to release 2.
Remove any deposits using a needle or 3.
something similar. The washer arms also have
holes underneath.
To reinstall, center the base of the spray arm in 4.
the hole and push straight down until it clicks into
Care and Cleaning
Rack stop