Frigidaire ES530 Range User Manual

Arranging Warming Drawer Rack Positions
The rack can be used in 2 ways:
In the upright position to allow low profile food items to be placed both
under and on top of the rack (for example, rolls or biscuits on top of the rack
and a casserole dish underneath).
In the downward position to allow you to place light weight food items and
empty cookware (for example, rolls or pastries and dinner plates) on the
Set the Warming Drawer rack in either position as shown below (Fig. 1).
To Operate the Warming Drawer
The purpose of the Warming Drawer is to keep hot cooked foods at serving
temperature. Always start with hot food. It is not recommended to heat cold
food in the Warming Drawer.
All food placed in the Warming Drawer should be covered with a lid or aluminum
foil to maintain quality. Do not use plastic wrap to cover food. Plastic may
melt onto the drawer and be very difficult to clean. Use only utensils and
cookware recommended for oven use in the Warming Drawer.
To Set the Warming Drawer Control
The control is used to select the temperature of the Warming Drawer. It is
located on the control panel. To set the control, push in and turn the knob to
the desired setting. The temperatures are approximate, and are designated by
HI (high), MED (medium) and LO (low). To set the Warming Drawer control:
1. Turn the knob to select the desired temperature setting.
2. For best results, preheat the drawer before adding food. An empty drawer
will preheat in approximately 15 minutes.
3. When done, turn the control to OFF.
Warming Drawer Temperature Selection
Recommended Warming Drawer food settings are shown in Fig. 3. If a
particular food is not listed, start with the MED setting. If more crispness is
desired, remove the lid or aluminum foil from the food. Most foods can be kept
at serving temperatures on the MED setting. When a combination of foods are
to be kept warm (for example, a meat with 2 vegetables and rolls) use the HI
setting. To avoid heat loss, do not open the Warming Drawer while in use.
Warming Drawer Indicator Light
The Warming Drawer indicator light is located above the Warming Drawer
control knob (See Fig. 2). It turns on when the control is set, and stays on until
the control is turned off. The Warming Drawer will not operate during the
Self-Clean cycle.
Warming Drawer Recommended
Food Settings Table
Food Item Setting
Bacon HI
Hamburger Patties HI
Poultry HI
Pork Chops HI
Fried Foods HI
Pizza HI
Gravies MED
Casseroles MED
Eggs MED
Roasts (Beef, Pork, Lamb) MED
Vegetables MED
Biscuits MED
Rolls, hard MED
Pastries MED
Rolls (soft) LO
Empty Dinner Plates LO
Always use pot holders or
oven mitts when removing food from the
Warming Drawer as cookware and plates
will be hot and you can be burned.
Setting Warming Drawer Controls
(some models)
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3