GE JGP321 Cooktop User Manual

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Air Adjustment
An air adjustment shutter for each
surface burner regulates the flow of
air to the flame.
When the right amount of air flows into
the burner, the flame will be steady,
relatively quiet and have approximately
11/16 inch sharp blue cones. This is
usually the case with factory preset
With too much air, the flame will be
unsteady, possibly won’t burn all the way
around, and will be noisy, sounding like
a blowtorch.
With not enough air, you won’t see any
sharp blue cones in the flame, you may
see yellow tips, and soot may accumulate
on cookware.
If the flames are yellow, use pliers to
open the air shutter more. If they blow
away from the burner, close the air
shutter more. Be sure to keep the gap
in the air shutter facing straight up. Be
careful not to distort the air shutter when
making adjustments with the pliers.
Now look at the inner cone of the flame.
It should be about 11/16-inch long for
all surface burners. If the flame is not
the right length, the flame adjustment
screw must be adjusted. To access the
flame adjustment screw, remove the
control knob for the burner needing
adjustment. Insert a flat blade screwdriver
through the shaft of the valve. To
increase the flame length, rotate the
screw counterclockwise. To decrease the
flame length, rotate the screw clockwise.
Inner cone of
Air shutter