GE JGP321 Cooktop User Manual

Usage situations where
appliance power cord will be
disconnected infrequently.
Temporary Method
(Adaptor plugs not permitted
in Canada)
Align large
Insure proper ground
and firm connection
before use
For 15 amp circuit only. Do not use an adaptor
on a 20 amp circuit. Where local codes permit,
to a properly grounded two-prong wall
receptacle by the use of a UL listed adaptor
available at most hardware stores. The larger
slot in the adaptor must be aligned with the
large slot in the wall receptacle to provide
proper polarity in the connection of the
power cord.
Installation Instructions
CAUTION: Attaching the adaptor
ground terminal to the wall
receptacle cover screw does not
ground the appliance unless the
screw is metal, and not insulated,
and the wall receptacle is grounded
through the house wiring. The
customer should have the circuit
checked by a qualified electrician
to make sure the receptacle is
properly grounded.
When disconnecting the power cord from the
adaptor, always hold the adaptor with one
hand. If this is not done, the adaptor ground
terminal is very likely to break with repeated
use. Should this happen, DO NOT USE the
appliance until a proper ground has again
been established.
Usage situations where appliance power
cord will be disconnected frequently.
Do not use an adaptor plug in these situations
because disconnection of the power cord
places undue strain on the adaptor and leads
to eventual failure of the adaptor ground
terminal. The customer should have the two-
prong receptacle replaced with a three-prong
(grounding) receptacle by a qualified
electrician before using the appliance.
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