GE JGP321 Cooktop User Manual

Safety Instructions
Operating Instructions Care and Cleaning
Troubleshooting Tips Consumer Support
Control Knobs
The control knobs may be removed for easier
Make sure the knobs are in the OFF
positions and pull them straight off the
stems for cleaning.
The knobs can be cleaned in a
dishwasher or they may also be washed
with soap and water. Make sure the insides
of the knobs are dry before replacing.
Replace the knobs in the OFF position
to ensure proper placement.
Burner Grates
Burner grates should be washed regularly and, of
course, after spillovers. Wash them in hot, soapy
water and rinse with clean water. Dry the grates
with a cloth—don’t put them back on the cooktop
wet. When replacing the grates, be sure they’re
positioned securely over the burners.
To get rid of burned-on food, place the
grates in a covered container or plastic
bag. Add 1/4 cup ammonia and let
them soak for 30 minutes. Wash, rinse
well and dry.
Although they’re durable, the grates will
gradually lose their shine, regardless of
the best care you can give them. This is
due to their continual exposure to high
Do not operate a burner for an extended
period of time without cookware on the
grate. The finish on the grate may chip
without cookware to absorb the heat.
Drip Pans
Drip pans can permanently discolor if
exposed to excessively high heat or if soil
is allowed to bake on.
Remove the grates. Then lift out the drip
To remove brown food stains, soak them
for about 20 minutes in slightly diluted
liquid cleanser or a mild solution of
ammonia and water (1/2 cup of ammonia
to one gallon of water). Rinse with
clean water.
Blue/gold heat stains can be lessened
with a metal polish but are usually
permanent. To minimize staining, avoid
excessive use of high heat setting and use
flat bottom pans that do not extend more
than two inches from the surface burner.
The drip pans may also be cleaned in the
When replacing drip pans, the notch on
the rear pan and the notch on the front
pan should meet in the middle.
Molded rib
Clear groove