GE JGP321 Cooktop User Manual

Care and cleaning of the cooktop.
Proper care and cleaning are important so your cooktop will give you efficient and satisfactory service. Follow these
directions carefully in caring for it.
Before cleaning any part of your cooktop, be sure all burners are off and DISCONNECT ELECTRIC POWER TO THE
COOKTOP at the fuse box or circuit breaker panel, or pull the cooktop power cord plug from the electric outlet,
located on back wall below cooktop.
Safety Instructions
Operating Instructions
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Porcelain Cooktop
The porcelain enamel finish is sturdy but
breakable if misused.
This finish is acid resistant. However, any
acidic foods spilled (such as fruit juices,
tomato or vinegar) should not be
permitted to remain on the finish.
If acids spill on the cooktop while it is
hot, use a dry paper towel or cloth to
wipe it up right away. When the surface
has cooled, wash with soap and water or
cleansing powders. Rinse well.
For other spills such as fat spatterings,
wash with soap and water or cleansing
powders after the surface has cooled.
Rinse well. Polish with a dry cloth.
Control Panel
It’s a good idea to wipe the control panel
clean after each use of the cooktop. For a
more thorough cleaning, the knobs can
be removed by pulling them off the knob
stems. Clean with mild soap and water,
rinse with clean water and polish dry with
a soft cloth.
Do not use abrasive cleaners, strong
liquid cleaners or oven cleaners on the
control panel—they will damage the
finish. A 50/50 solution of vinegar and
hot water works well.
Lift-Up Cooktop
Clean the area under the cooktop often.
Built-up soil, especially grease, may catch
fire. To make cleaning under the top
easier, the top may be lifted up and
supported by a locking arm. After
cleaning under the top with hot, soapy
water, lower the top back in place. Be
careful not to pinch your fingers.
To raise cooktop:
Be sure all burners are turned off and
unit is cool. Remove cooktop drip pans,
grates and control knobs. Grasp cooktop
at the front and lift up. Raise the support
rod into place and hook it into the
bracket on the underside of the cooktop
to hold the cooktop while cleaning. Be
sure to secure the cooktop support rod
in the cooktop strike catch.
To lower cooktop:
Carefully replace the support rod and
lower the cooktop. Press into place. Make
sure the strikes fit in the catches to fasten
the cooktop. Replace four surface units
and control knobs.
Support rod