GE JGP321 Cooktop User Manual

Be sure to place all literature
in a safe place for future reference.
Make sure you have all the tools and
materials you need before starting the
installation of the cooktop.
Your home must provide the adequate
electrical service needed to safely and
properly use your cooktop. (Refer to
section on electrical requirements.)
Remove packaging materials and
literature package from the cooktop
before beginning installation.
When preparing cooktop opening,
make sure the inside of the cabinet
and the cooktop do not interfere with
each other. (See section on preparing
the opening.)
When installing your cooktop in your
home, make sure all local codes and
ordinances are followed exactly as
Pre-Installation Checklist
Installation Instructions
Remove packaging tape. To assure
no damage is done to the finish of the
product, the safest way to remove the
adhesive left from packaging tape on
new appliances is an application of
a household liquid dishwashing
detergent, mineral oil or cooking oil.
Apply with a soft cloth and allow to
soak. Wipe dry and then apply an
appliance polish to thoroughly clean
and protect the surface.
NOTE: The plastic tape must be
removed from all chrome trim. It
cannot be removed if it is baked on.
Make sure the wall coverings,
countertop and cabinets around the
cooktop can withstand heat (up to
200°F) generated by the cooktop.
Literature Package