KitchenAid KRFF507EWH Refrigerator User Manual

Replace the Water Filter
To purchase a replacement water filter, see “Accessories.”
Replace the disposable water filter when indicated on the water
filter status display or at least every 6 months. If water flow to
your dispenser or ice maker decreases noticeably, change the
water filter sooner.
1. Locate the water filter compartment in the right-hand side of
the refrigerator ceiling. Push up to release and lower the
compartment door.
2. Turn the water filter counterclockwise (to the left), and pull it
straight out of
the compartment.
NOTE: There may be some water in the filter. Some spilling
may occur. Use a towel to wipe
up any spills.
3. Install the replacement water filter by following steps 2
through 7 in the “Install the Water Filter” section.
Install Air Filter
(on some models)
An air filter is 15 times more powerful than baking soda at
reducing common food odors inside the refrigerator.
Your refrigerator's accessory packet includes an air filter,
which must be installed prior to use.
Installing the Air Filter
Install the air filter behind the vented door, located on the rear
wall near the top of the refrigerator compartment.
1. Remove the air filter from its packaging.
2. Lift open the vented door.
3. Snap the filter into place.
Installing the Filter Status Indicator
The filter comes with a status indicator, which should be
activated and installed at the same time the air filter is installed.
1. Place the indicator face-down on a firm, flat surface.
2. Apply pressure to the bubble on the back of the indicator until
the bubble pops to activate the indicator.
3. Lift open the vented air filter door. On some models, there are
notches behind the door.
Models with notches:
With the indicator screen facing outward, slide the
indicator down into the notches.
NOTE: The indicator will not easily slide into the notches
if the bubble has not been popped.
Close the air filter door, and check that the indicator is
visible through the window in the door.
A. Air filter
A.Status indicator window
B. Air filter status indicator