KitchenAid KRFF507EWH Refrigerator User Manual

Temperature and Moisture
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the leveling foot firmly against the
floor. See “Door Closing and Door
Rattling/Banging Movement of the water lines against the refrigerator cabinet,
or of items placed on top of the refrigerator cabinet
Move excess water line away from the
refrigerator cabinet or fasten excess
tubing to the cabinet. See
“Connecting the Water,” or remove
items from the top of the refrigerator.
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rost cycle This is normal.
Water running/Gur
gling May be heard when ice melts during the defrost cycle and
water runs into the drain pan
This is normal.
Buzzing and Clicking Heard when the water valve opens and closes to dispense
water and/or fill the ice maker.
If the refrigerator is connected to a
water line, this is normal.
If the refrigerator is not connected to a
water line, turn off the ice maker.
Repetitive Clicking Dual evaporator valve regulating the cooling operation You may hear rapid repetitive clicking
sounds as the unit switches from
cooling one compartment to cooling
the other. This sound is n
Creaking/Cracking/Grinding May be heard as ice is being ejected from the ice maker
This is normal.
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Temperature is too warm The refrigerator has just been
Allow 24 hours following installation for the refrigerator to
cool completely.
Cooling is turned off. Turn on cooling. See “Using the Controls.”
The controls are not set correctly for
the surrounding conditions.
Adjust the controls a setting colder. Check the temperature in
24 hours. See “Using the Controls.”
The door(s) are opened often or not
closed completely.
Allows warm air to enter refrigerator. Minimize door openings
and keep doors fully closed.
A large load of food was recently
Allow several hours for refrigerator to return to normal
Pulsating/Whirring Fans/compressor adjusting to optimize performance during
normal compressor operation
This is normal.
ni fo noisnapxe/noitcartnoCgnippoP side walls, especially during
initial cool-down
This is normal.
Hissing/Dripping Flow of refrigerant, or flow of oil in the compressor This is normal.