KitchenAid KRFF507EWH Refrigerator User Manual

5. Press LOCK, under the plus button, to raise the set point, or
press OPTIONS, under the minus button, to lower the
Save/Confirm Temperature Settings
When you have finished adjusting both the refrigerator and
freezer set points, press MEASURED FILL “Confirm” to save
the settings.
NOTE: To exit Temperature mode without saving changes, press
the ICE MODE button under Back at any time, or allow about
60 seconds of inactivity. The temperature mode will turn off
automatically and return to the normal screen.
When adjusting temperature set points,
use the following chart as a guide:
Cooling On/Off
Your refrigerator and freezer will not cool when cooling is
turned off.
To turn cooling off, press and hold the LOCK and
MEASURED FILL buttons at the same time for 3 seconds.
When cooling is off, “Refrigeration Cooling is Off” will appear
on the display screen as shown.
IMPORTANT: To avoid unintentionally locking the dispenser
or changing other settings, be sure to press both buttons at
exactly the same time.
To turn cooling back on, press and hold LOCK and
MEASURED FILL for 3 seconds again. COOLING IS OFF
will disappear from the display screen.
Press the OPTIONS button to open the Options menu and select
between Max Cool, Max Ice and Water Filter Status.
Press the ICE MODE button at any time to return to the normal
Max Cool
The Max Cool feature assists with periods of high refrigerator
use, full grocery loads, or temporarily warm room temperatures.
To turn on the Max Cool feature, press the OPTIONS button
to enter Options mode, and then press the LOCK button,
under Max Cool, to activate the feature. When the feature is
on, the Max Cool icon will appear on the dispenser display
screen. The Max Cool feature will remain on for 24 hours
unless manually turned off.
To manually turn off the Max Cool feature, press the
OPTIONS button to enter Options mode (unless you are
already in Options mode), then press LOCK again. When the
feature has been turned off, the Max Cool icon will disappear
from the dispenser display.
NOTE: Setting the freezer to a colder temperature may make
some foods, such as ice cream, harder.
1° higher
1° lower
FREEZER too cold FREEZER Setting
1° higher
FREEZER too warm /
Too little ice
1° lower
A. Press LOCK and MEASURED FILL at the same time.
Recommended Freezer Temperature
Adjust Temperature Set Points
Refrigerator set point range: 33°F to 45°F (0°C to 7°C).
Freezer set point range: -5°F to 5°F (-21°C to -15°C).
1. Press and hold TEMPERATURE for 3 seconds to activate
Temperature mode.
2. When Temperature mode is activated, press TEMPERATURE
to select the Refrigerator zone. The display will show the
temperature set point of the selected compartment as
3. Press LOCK, under plus, to raise the set point, or press
OPTIONS, under minus, to lower the set point.
4. When you have finished adjusting the refrigerator set point,
press TEMPERATURE to change the display to
show the
freezer set point. When the zone has been changed,
“FREEZER” appears on the display screen.
set point.