Whirlpool EDZZDQ Freezer User Manual

Removing the door trim (dispenser area)
(on some models)
Remove the trim above the dispenser area
for easier cleaning.
To remove trim:
1. Remove
all items from the shelf.
2. Pull straight up at each end of the trim.
To replace trim:
Line up each end of the trim above the
trim pocket opening in the door liner wall.
2. Push the trim straight down until it stops.
3. Replace items on the shelf.
Adjusting the door bins
To remove door bins:
Lift bin up.
2. Pull bin straight out.
To replace door bins:
Slide bin in above desired support button.
2. Push down until it stops.
Adjusting the door bin glides
Use the bin/shelf glides to secure odd-
shaped items or to separate other items.
1. Grasp glide.
2. Slide glide along bin/track.
Shelf glides cannot be removed.