Whirlpool EDZZDQ Freezer User Manual

Installing it properly
Allow I/Z inch (1.25 cm) space on each
side and at the top of the refrigerator for
ease of installation.
2. If the refrigerator is to be against a wall,
you might want to leave extra space on
the hinge side closest to the wall so the
door can be opened wider.
3. The refrigerator can be flush against the
4. Make sure ice maker water supply has
been connected. Refer to Installation
Leveling it
Your refrigerator has 2 front leveling
screws-one on the right and one on the left.
To adjust one or both of these, follow the
directions below.
1. Remove base grille. (See page 20.)
2. To raise front, turn screw clockwise.
3. To lower front, turn screw counterclock-
Check with level.
5. Replace base grille. (See page 20.)
Right to raise:
left to lower
Use a screw-
driver to adjust