Whirlpool EDZZDQ Freezer User Manual

Removing the snack bin
To remove the snack bin:
Slide snack bin straight out to the stop
with an even, constant motion.
2. Lii the front.
3. Slide bin out the rest of the way.
Pull out to the
atop, lift the front
4. Replace in reverSe order.
md pull again.
Adjusting the wine rack
To remove the wine rack:
Lii front of wine rack
2. Pull rack off rear support.
3. Replace in reverse order.
Removing the freezer
To remove a basket:
Slii basket out to the stop.
2. Lii the front to clear the stop.
3. Slide basket out the rest of the way.
To replace a basket:
Place basket on the slides.
2. Make sure the wire stops clear the front
of the slides.
Pull out to the stop,
3. Slide basket in all the way.
Removing the freezer shelf
To remove the shelf:
1. Lift right side of shelf off supports.
2. Slide shelf out of shelf support holes.
3. Replace in reverse order.