Breville BES830XL Coffeemaker User Manual

There are two phases to texture milk:
Stretching the milk to aerate it and swirling
the milk to make it silky smooth and the
right temperature.
In practice these two operations should
blend into one.
The espresso machine features
a swivel steam wand assembly so the
position of the steam wand can be
changed to a comfortable angle.
Hold the jug so the tip of the steam wand
is just below the surface of the milk and
with your free hand engage the steam.
Every so often lower the jug so the steam
wand just breaks the surface of the milk
and makes a ‘hissing’ sound.
Stretching the milk will increase the
volume, so lower the jug as the milk rises
to ensure the tip remains just above the
surface of the milk.
After a short while you will have aerated
suffi ciently. At this point, adjust the jug so
the steam wand is off-center and create a
spinning motion in the milk. Compensate
for the angle of the steam wand by slightly
tilting the jug away from you, or to one
side and at the same time lower the nozzle
further into the body of the milk.
Continue swirling until milk is at desired
temperature (between 130°F-150°F).
Without a thermometer you’ll know the
milk is ready when the jug base is ‘just
too hot’ to touch.
When you get the balance right the milk
should end up forming a ‘meringue-like’
consistency that has a glassy sheen to it.
Remove any excess air bubbles by gently
knocking the jug against a hard fl at surface
and pour the milk down the inside of your
chosen cup or glass to make your desired
espresso variation.
Lastly, run the Steam function briefl y to
remove any residual milk in the steam
wand tip. Then give the steam wand a
good wipe with a damp cloth.
After 5 minutes of continuous
steaming, the machine will automatically
disable the steam function. The steam
and hot water lights will fl ash. When this
occurs return the selector control to the
‘Standby’ position.
Always ensure that the frothing
attachment has been fi rmly pushed onto
the steam wand and connects with the
rubber surround. For best results use
cold fresh milk (low fat milk will froth
easier). Always clean the steam wand and
frothing attachment after every use.
Refer to ‘Care and Cleaning’, page 33.
For extracting more espresso
immediately after using the steam
function, this machine features an
auto-purge function. This ensures that
ground espresso will not be burnt by the
initial water fl ow from the thermoblock
being too hot. Instead this water is
automatically released internally into
the drip tray ensuring that the internal
thermostat is at optimal temperature
for extracting espresso. Your espresso
will always be extracted at this optimal
temperature ensuring only the best
avored espresso is achieved.
The espresso machine features a separate
hot water function that can be used for
making tea, hot chocolate and other warm
drinks. The hot water is dispensed from
the dedicated Hot Water Wand.
Place a jug or cup underneath the Hot
Water Wand to collect the hot water.
To use the hot water function, turn the
Selector Control to HOT WATER. The hot
water light will illuminate when selected.
To turn the hot water off, turn the Selector
Control to the ‘Standby’ position.
Limit the extraction of hot water to 67 oz
(2 liters) each use.
The machine is not designed to make
large pots of coffee and tea. The more
hot water used at the one time, the cooler
it becomes.
After 2 minutes of continued hot
water use, the machine will automatically
disable the hot water function. The steam
and hot water lights will fl ash. When
this occurs return the selector to the
‘Standby’ position.
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