CMA Dishmachines EAH/EC Dishwasher User Manual

Rev 1.00A
Installation & Operation
Model EAH / EC Dishwasher
Page 12
3. Check Operations
Operate the machine for one cycle. Watch detergent, sanitizer and rinse additive “delivery tubes” at the
point where they inject chemical into the machine. Remember: red tube – detergent; blue tube-rinse; and
clear white tube-sanitizer. Check temperature at the end of the cycle for 120
F minimum.
4. Cleanup
Wipe down the machine and check the chemical level in the containers. Also inspect machine
for leaks or other items that might cause trouble during a rush period. You are now ready to wash
Remember: The chemical containers should be saved for pickup by the serviceman during his regular
call. Do not throw them in the trash bin.
Empty the Scrap Tray
Remove scrap tray drawer and thoroughly rinse out. Clean tray after each meal, or once every hour if
very busy.