CMA Dishmachines EAH/EC Dishwasher User Manual

Rev 1.00A
Installation & Operation
Model EAH / EC Dishwasher
Page 4
Introduction to EAH and EC
CMA dishwashers have been used world wide for many years. This manual has been written to help you, the
operator, in your job. Your job is one of the “most important” in this restaurant. Why? Your product, the dishes
and glasses, is the first thing the customer notices when he sits down. Clean, sparkling dishes and silverware will
set the mood for the customer when he observes the table setting.
Receiving and Installation
The dishwasher is shipped from the factory bubble packed on a pallet. The guidelines are listed in a step-by-step
procedure for your reference.
Unwrap the machine and check for the following component parts:
Scrap accumulator complete with lid and scrap tray. This is normally an integral part of the
Tube stiffeners. Tube stiffeners must be used to prevent the feed tubes from curling inside the
chemical pail and sucking air. These are pre-installed to the chemical pump and attached to the
back of the dishmachine. The ends of the chemical tubing have been flared so that the tubing will
not pull out of the stiffener. Red is for detergent, white for sanitizer, and blue for rinse aid.
The machine needs the following:
2” pipe for the drain outlet
½” pipe for the incoming water
A flex hose or quick disconnect union. The water inlet is at the top left corner of the dishwasher
The machine is 110 volt. The master switch is at the top left side of the control box.
Chemical Feeder
The peristaltic pumps are assembled and included within the machine.
Scrap Trap Accumulator
The scrap trap accumulator is designed to perform two basic functions:
It allows a method to discharge all the heavy solids out of the machine with each wash and rinse
It provides capacity to drain the contents of one cycle regardless of the ability of the existing drain
to accept the discharge rate.
There is a drain connection sleeve (2”) on the bottom of the scrap accumulator (See drain connection
CMA standard dishwashers operate on 110 volts. Other voltage requirements are available on request.
When installing the single rack units, either model EAH or EC, it is recommended that a clean 20 amp
circuit be provided to the machine.