CMA Dishmachines EAH/EC Dishwasher User Manual

Rev 1.00A
Installation & Operation
Model EAH / EC Dishwasher
Page 6
Water Line
The model EAH & EC should plumbed with ½” hot water line. The time necessary to deliver water to
the machine is controlled by the number four cam. This cam provides the serviceman with the
opportunity to fine-tune the machine to deliver the proper amount with each cycle. Refer to the service
manual for an in depth discussion of this procedure.
Activating Machine
The machine is equipped with a prime switch to activate the peristaltic pump at any time the master
switch is “ON”.
Following the completion of the installation, always fill the machine with water before the machine is
Hold the fill button until the water level is approximately ½” to ¾” below the overflow hole in the
PVC standpipe. This water level should be approximately even with the bottom edge splash guard
in sump area of machine.
Activate the prime switches for the three chemical pumps until the product is discharging into the
To start the machine, close the doors and the machine will cycle automatically.
The amount of product delivered by each cam is controlled by changing the opening in each cam. When
the micro switch rides down into the cam, the peristaltic pump motor begins to rotate. It will continue to
rotate until it rides up out of the groove. Therefore, to extend the amount of product delivered to the
machine, open the groove. To reduce the amount of product delivered to the machine, close the groove.
Cams are slip fit. A cam adjustment wrench is provided, but the cam can be adjusted with a small
screwdriver or the edge of a table knife.
Technical personnel are available during normal business hours should you, as an installer, have any
questions. We are available to serve you at 800-854-6417.