CMA Dishmachines EAH/EC Dishwasher User Manual

Rev 1.00A
Installation & Operation
Model EAH / EC Dishwasher
Page 16
EAH/EC Options
Door Handle Conversion EAH To EC #00617.30
Before handle conversion, place template with the upper edge against two upper left front panel holes.
Mark the four holes position using a center punch. Drill a 1/8” hole through each position, and then drill
it out to 3/8”.
1. Open dishmachine door to its highest position so that there is little spring resistance on the door
handle. Remove hardware that holds the door handle to the door linkage. Save all the washers
and spacers. Swing the door handle towards the back of the dishmachine and dismount it from the
door handle support brackets. Remove the nut attaching the eyebolt and save the door springs.
2. Remove the two (2) door-handle support brackets on the back of the cabinet and plug the four
holes with original hardware. Unscrew the 8 nuts holding the front panel and remove front panel.
Remove door guides on left side of machine and mount them on the front of the cabinet. Remove
tray track inline AH and replace it with the tray track (C) from the kit. Slide the left door into the
door guides and mount the door linkage back on.
3. With left door facing the front, door panel on the left we are now ready to install the door handle.
4. Using provided door handle, door handle mounting plates, 5/16” bolts, nuts and washers; install
the door handle as shown in “Illustrations”. Match the mounting plate holes and roller switch
bracket holes to the cabinet holes and insert all bolts to ensure that the door handle and mounting
plates are aligned. Then secure the mounting plate and roller switch bracket with nuts and
5. Attach the provided extension rod to the back of the door handle. Attach one eyebolt to the frame
with existing hardware, along with two springs together. Pivot the door handle, positioning
handle straight up. You may now connect loop of 2
spring to the door extension rod. Pull
handles forward and down and attach to the door links.
6. Adjust the nut on the eyebolt until the doors begin to lift then back off two turns. See
“Illustration” for proper location of all door handle hardware included on EC machine.
1 1 00613.04 Door Handle
2 1 00619.34 Door Hdl. Mtng. Plate-Long
2A 1 00619.44 Door Hdl. Mtng. Plate-Short
3 1 00603.04 Door Spring Extension
4 9 00913.00 5/16” – 18” Nut
5 9 00926.00 5/16” SS washer
6 1 00900.00 Cotter Pin
7 2 00607.04 Door Handle Cap 1”
8 8 00920.00 5/16”-18 x ¾” Hex Head Bolt
9 1 00563.20 Roller Switch Bracket
10 1 00606.83 Eye Bolt
11 1 01505.04 Tray Track (c)
ote: Door handle mounting plates come in two sizes.
Longer is mounted on back-right side.