CMA Dishmachines EAH/EC Dishwasher User Manual

Rev 1.00A
Installation & Operation
Model EAH / EC Dishwasher
Page 8
Operating Instructions
Scraping and Pre-rinse
Remove remaining food from utensils. Scrape by hand or by using a cleaning tool such as a sponge or
rubber spatula. For protection of the hands, wear gloves.
Use a pre-rinse hose for wet scraping to remove small particles of soil not removed by the hand scraping
operation. The purpose is to keep excessive garbage from going into the dishwashing machine.
For flatware, it is recommended that they be pre-soaked in a deep pan, generally a bus pan, using a
presoak detergent. This will prevent drying or adhering of soil on flatware and reduce tarnishing. A
presoak detergent is especially useful for the removal of protein soil such as egg, syrup, etc. Allot
approximately 30 minutes for presoaking if possible for better results.
Sorting and Racking
Properly placing the utensils in the rack is one of the most important jobs the operator must perform.
Sort out different utensils, separating dishes, bowls, cups, glassware and flatware.
Racking dishes
Note in the illustration that the
plates are racked without
overlapping and that the sprays
from the top spray arm will strike
the food contact surfaces of the
dishes (face of the dishes)
Rack all the same sized plates together row by row. The dish rack will hold them just right for proper
washing. The entire surface of the soiled dish must be covered by the spray arm to provide sufficient
scrubbing action when the detergent solution is being sprayed on that dish.
Stacking dishes will not save time because the dishes will not be cleaned during the wash cycle and will
require sorting and rewashing.