CMA Dishmachines EAH/EC Dishwasher User Manual

Rev 1.00A
Installation & Operation
Model EAH / EC Dishwasher
Page 14
Troubleshooting the EAH & EC
Will Not Start
1. Check master switch on the control box to make sure that it is “ON”.
2. Check circuit breaker that services the dishwasher. Make sure it is “ON”.
3. After (ONLY after) checking steps 1 and 2, call the CMA service technicians.
Out of Chemical
Check backup supply of chemicals. REMEMBER! Red product label to red tube, blue product label to blue
tube, and clear/white product label to clear/white tube. Note that sometimes extra product is left in storage
area at the direction of the restaurant manager. Before calling the CMA service technicians, check with the
manager for backup supplies.
Dishes/Glasses are Not Clean
1. Before you call the CMA service technician, check your temperature gauge on the machine. Check to
insure water temperature is at least 120
F. The CMA dishwasher must have hot water delivered from
the primary heater at 120
to 140
F. If temperature is okay, then…
2. Check that your water softener contains salt and is operating properly. Your service agreement from
CMA calls for hot/soft water.
3. Check that dishes are racked properly. Check the screen and wash arm tips. If they are clear, call the
CMA service technicians.
Machine Will Not Hold Water
Check the drain actuator for a knife, spoon, fork or foreign material then remove.
Water Running on the Floor
If water is overflowing, the scrap accumulator or the scrap drawer may need to be cleaned. If not, call your
plumber- the drain may be clogged.
Water Will Not Drain From the Machine
Check the drain solenoid. Call the CMA service technician.
Water Coming Out of the Door
End plugs may be missing or lose. Check inside the scrap accumulator drawer. If the end plug came off
during operation, it will be inside the scrap trap tray. Simply replace. If end plug is lost, call your CMA
service technician.
Machine Will Not Shut Off
You can turn off the machine in an emergency by turning off the master switch located on the back of the
control box. After turning off the master switch, call the CMA service technician.