GE 49-80388 12-05 JR Cooktop User Manual

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The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act requires the Governor of California to
publish a list of substances known to the state to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive
harm, and requires businesses to warn customers of potential exposure to such substances.
Gas appliances can cause minor exposure to four of these substances, namely benzene, carbon
monoxide, formaldehyde and soot, caused primarily by the incomplete combustion of natural gas or
LP fuels. Properly adjusted burners, indicated by a bluish rather than a yellow flame, will minimize
incomplete combustion. Exposure to these substances can be minimized by venting with an open
window or using a ventilation fan or hood.
Have the installer show you the location of the cooktop gas shut-off valve and how to shut it off
if necessary.
Have your cooktop installed and properly
grounded by a qualified installer, in
accordance with the Installation
Instructions. Any adjustment and service
should be performed only by qualified gas
cooktop installers or service technicians.
Do not attempt to repair or replace any
part of your cooktop unless it is specifically
recommended in this manual. All other
service should be referred to a qualified
Locate the cooktop out of kitchen traffic
path and out of drafty locations to prevent
poor burner performance.
Plug your cooktop into a 120-volt
grounded outlet only. Do not remove the
round grounding prong from the plug.
If in doubt about the grounding of the
home electrical system, it is your personal
responsibility and obligation to have an
ungrounded outlet replaced with a
properly grounded, three-prong outlet in
accordance with the National Electrical
Code. Do not use an extension cord with
this appliance.
Let the burner grates and other surfaces
cool before touching them or leaving
them where children can reach them.
Be sure all packaging materials are
removed from the cooktop before
operating it to prevent fire or smoke
damage should the packaging material
Be sure your cooktop is correctly adjusted
by a qualified service technician or installer
for the type of gas (natural or LP) which
is to be used. Your cooktop can be
converted for use with either type of gas.
See the Installation Instructions in the
LP Conversion Kit.
WARNING: These adjustments must
be made by a qualified service technician
in accordance with the manufacturer’s
instructions and all codes and
requirements of the authority having
jurisdiction. Failure to follow these
instructions could result in serious injury
or property damage. The qualified
agency performing this work assumes
responsibility for the conversion.
Do not leave children alone or unattended
where a cooktop is hot or in operation.
They could be seriously burned.
Do not allow anyone to climb, stand or
hang on the cooktop.
Do not operate or clean your cooktop if
the glass is broken or cracked. Cleaning
solutions and spillovers could penetrate the
broken cooktop and create a risk of
electric shock. Call for service immediately
if the cooktop glass breaks or cracks.