GE 49-80388 12-05 JR Cooktop User Manual

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Consumer Support
Avoid scratching the glass cooktop surface.
The glass surface can be scratched with
items such as sharp instruments, rings or
other jewelry and rivets on clothing.
Large scratches or impacts to glass
cooktops can lead to broken or shattered
Do not operate the cooktop if the glass is
broken. Spillovers or cleaning solution may
penetrate a broken cooktop and create a
risk of electrical shock. Contact a qualified
technician immediately should your glass
cooktop surface become broken.
Never use the glass cooktop surface as a
cutting board.
Do not place or store items that can melt
or catch fire on the glass cooktop surface,
even when it is not being used.
Be careful when placing spoons or other
stirring utensils on glass cooktop surface
when it is in use. They may become hot
and could cause burns.
Clean the cooktop surface with caution.
If a wet sponge or cloth is used to wipe
spills on a hot surface, be careful to avoid
steam burns. Some cleaners can produce
noxious fumes if applied to a hot surface.
NOTE: We recommend that you avoid
wiping any surface areas until they have
cooled and the indicator light has gone
off. Sugar spills are the exception to this.
Please see Cleaning the glass cooktop
surface section.
When the cooktop is cool, use only
Ceramic Cooktop
Cleaner and the CERAMA BRYTE
Cleaning Pad to clean the cooktop.
To avoid possible damage to the cooking
surface, do not apply cleaning cream to the
glass surface when it is hot.
After cleaning, use a dry cloth or paper
towel to remove all cleaning cream residue.
Read and follow all instructions and
warnings on the cleaning cream labels.
Use care when touching the glass cooktop surface. The glass surface of the cooktop will retain heat
after the controls have been turned off.
GLASS COOKTOP SURFACE (on some models)