GE 49-80388 12-05 JR Cooktop User Manual

Safety Instructions
Operating Instructions
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Before you call for service…
Troubleshooting Tips
Problem Possible Causes What To Do
Control knobs Controls improperly set. To turn from the OFF position, push the knob in
will not turn and then turn. The knob can only be turned in a
counterclockwise direction. When the knob is at any
other position, it can be turned in either direction
without being pushed in.
Fan does not work The fan control knob is Turn knob in clockwise direction to turn fan on.
improperly set.
Cord improperly connected Check connections. Turn on power at the fuse box.
or power turned off.
Poor venting Clogged filter. Clean filter per instructions.
House too airtight. Open a window slightly to provide fresh air source.
Wall cap obstructed. Remove blockage from exterior wall cap.
Wall cap damper door stuck. Check exterior wall cap damper door for free movement
or obstruction.
Duct length exceeds Reduce number of elbows to simplify duct run.
recommended 100
equivalent foot maximum.
Scratches (may appear Incorrect cleaning Scratches are not removable. Tiny scratches will become
as cracks) on cooktop methods being used. less visible in time as a result of cleaning.
glass surface
Cookware with rough bottoms To avoid scratches, use the recommended cleaning
being used or coarse particles procedures. Make sure bottoms of cookware are clean
(salt or sand) were between before use, and use cookware with smooth bottoms.
the cookware and the surface
of the cooktop.
Cookware has been slid
across the cooktop surface.
Areas of discoloration Food spillovers not cleaned See the Cleaning the glass cooktop section.
on the cooktop before next use.
Hot surface on a model This is normal. The surface may appear discolored
with a light colored cooktop. when it is hot. This is temporary and will disappear
as the glass cools.
Plastic melted to Hot cooktop came into See the Glass surface—potential for permanent damage
the surface contact with plastic placed section in the Cleaning the glass cooktop section.
on the hot cooktop.
Pitting (or indentation) Hot sugar mixture spilled Call a qualified technician for replacement.
of the cooktop on the cooktop.