GE 49-80388 12-05 JR Cooktop User Manual

Safety Instructions
Operating Instructions
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CAUTION: Items of interest to
children should not be stored in cabinets
above a cooktop—children climbing on the
cooktop to reach items could be seriously
Always keep wooden and plastic utensils
and canned food a safe distance away from
your cooktop.
Always keep combustible wall coverings,
curtains or drapes a safe distance from
your cooktop.
Never wear loose-fitting or hanging
garments while using the appliance.
Be careful when reaching for items stored
in cabinets over the cooktop. Flammable
material could be ignited if brought in
contact with flame or hot surfaces and
may cause severe burns.
Teach children not to play with the controls
or any other part of the cooktop.
For your safety, never use your appliance
for warming or heating the room.
Always keep dish towels, dishcloths, pot
holders and other linens a safe distance
from your cooktop.
Do not store flammable materials near
a cooktop.
Do not store or use combustible materials,
gasoline or other flammable vapors and
liquids in the vicinity of this or any other
Do not let cooking grease or other
flammable materials accumulate on or
near the cooktop.
Do not operate the burner without all
burner parts in place.
Do not place hot cookware on the glass
cooktop. This could cause glass to break.
Do not clean the cooktop with flammable
or volatile cleaning fluids.
Do not clean the cooktop when the
appliance is in use.
Avoid scratching the cooktop with sharp
instruments, or with rings and other jewelry.
Never use the cooktop as a cutting board.
Do not use water on grease fires. Never
pick up a flaming pan. Turn the controls
off. Smother a flaming pan on a surface
burner by covering the pan completely with
a well-fitting lid, cookie sheet or flat tray.
Use a multi-purpose dry chemical or
foam-type fire extinguisher.
Flaming grease outside a pan can be put
out by covering it with baking soda or, if
available, by using a multi-purpose dry
chemical or foam-type fire extinguisher.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire,
electrical shock, or injury to persons, observe the
A. Use this unit only in the manner intended
by the manufacturer. If you have questions,
contact the manufacturer.
B. Before servicing or cleaning the unit,
switch power off at service panel.
C. When cutting or drilling into wall or
ceiling do not damage electrical wiring
and other hidden utilities.
D. Ducted fans must always be vented to
the outdoors.
E. To reduce the risk of fire, use only metal
F. Do not flame foods on the cooktop. If you
do flame foods under the hood, turn the
fan on.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of a
cooktop grease fire:
A. Keep fan, filters and grease-laden surfaces
B. Always turn vent ON when cooking at
high heat.
C. Use high settings on cooktop only when
necessary. Heat oil slowly on low to
medium setting.
D. Don’t leave the cooktop unattended
when cooking.
E. Always use cookware and utensils
appropriate for the type and amount
of food being prepared.
CAUTION: For general ventilating use
only. Do not use to exhaust hazardous or
explosive materials and vapors.