Smeg ADP8242 Dishwasher User Manual

Water Softener
Filling with salt
The dishwasher is equipped with an automatic softener which uses regenerating salts specially
developed for dishwashers to remove hardening substances from the water.
Hard water leaves whitish marks on the dry dishes, and dishes gradually lose their shine over
time. The appliance is preset to dispense the right amount of salt on the basis of the hardness
of the mains water.
N.B. The appliance leaves the factory with a medium setting (2).
IMPORTANT NOTE: users are asked to take great care to close the salt container
carefully after filling. It is important that detergent, or water containing it, should not
enter the salt container, since this would impair operation of the regeneration system. In
this case, the warranty would no longer apply.
Use only regenerating salt for household dishwashers. If salt pastilles are used, do not fill
container completely.
There is a container on the bottom of the dishwasher into which the regeneration salt has to be
poured. After taking out the bottom basket, unscrew the cap off by turning it anti-clockwise and
pour in the salt using the funnel supplied with the dishwasher. Before unscrewing the cap back
into place, remove salt residue from the opening of the container. The water softener contains
about 1,7 kg of salt.
N.B. when the appliance is used for the first time, one litre of water has to be poured into
the tank as well as the salt.
The salt container must always be topped up before a wash, so that any overflowing salt
solution will be removed immediately by the water. If this solution is left inside the tank, it might
cause corrosion.
Adjusting the water softener
The dishwasher is fitted with a device which allows adjustements to the level of hardness of the
mains water. It is inside the plastic ring-nut on the right-hand side inside the dishwasher and
allows setting 5 levels. Set the water softener after checking the hardness of your water in
accordance with the table below.
degrees (°dH)
degrees (°dF)
0 ÷ 4
5 ÷ 9
10 ÷ 22
23 ÷ 29
30 ÷ 35
36 ÷ 41
0 ÷ 7
8 ÷ 15
16 ÷ 37
38 ÷ 50
51 ÷ 60
61 ÷ 70
N. 1
N. 2
N. 3
N. 4
N. 5